About CPSR

What is CPSR

The Centre enrols qualified students from diverse backgrounds which contributes to an exciting and vibrant learning environment at postgraduate levels for both staff and students. TAR UMT is committed to significantly increasing research-based graduate studies at the Kuala Lumpur Main campus in the next five years.

Postgraduate Programmes

The Centre has in its pipeline upcoming Master’s and Doctorate programmes (by taught course and by research) to cover the following areas which are Finance, Architecture, Engineering, Conducting, Polymer, Nanocomposite, Molecular Biology, Psychology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Business Analytics.

Taught courses of postgraduate programmes are developed in consultation with employers and professionals in the industry to ensure relevance and acceptability to commerce and industry. Global perspectives are sought with key partner universities overseas to ensure global and international relevance so that our graduates are well fit for the global workplace. With the globally changing economy in sight, a graduate qualification has become a necessity in achieving greater career leverage in the global marketplace.

Research Activities

To support the Master's degree and Doctoral by Research, there are in total of 32 research centres that have been established within the respective faculties of TAR UMT focusing on the following research areas: Microbiology, Biotechnology, Advanced nanocomposite, Nano-polymer, Chemical analysis, Applied Physics, Embedded system, ICT Innovations and Creativity, Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Computer Networking and Cyber Security, Sports and health science, STEM Education-Technology, Multimodal signal processing, Psychology, Instructional strategies, Business and policy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and sustainability research, Business model innovation, Media & Communication, Creative arts research and design, Social integration, soft skills and language enhancement research, Education and social science, Construction research, Building information modelling (BIM) technologies, and Socioeconomics.

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research (CPSR) is responsible for effectively administering postgraduate programs and serving as the research management centre for managing TAR UMT's internal and external grants. We provide the following infrastructure and support:

We extend a warm invitation for you to join our progressive research team as a postgraduate student. You have the option to choose between two modes of study: Coursework and Research. For those pursuing a research-based master's degree or Doctorate, we strongly encourage you to explore our Research Assistant positions, which not only offer valuable experience but also provide scholarship opportunities.

Feel free to drop by at CPSR office at Block SB East Campus for assistance.