Success of President's Tea Party on May 10, 2024

We're thrilled to recount the success of our recent President's Tea Party on May 10, 2024!

The event united a dynamic mix of postgraduate and undergraduate students alongside the President, Vice Presidents, and esteemed faculty members. It was a modest yet profoundly meaningful gathering. Attendees hasd the opportunity to hear insights from our President, Vice Presidents, and students as they shared their academic journeys within postgraduate programmes and their aspirations for further studies.

The atmosphere was filled with genuine exchanges, with small yet heartfelt sharing, and engaging ice-breaking activities that fostered a sense of closeness among everyone present.

Postgraduate students shared invaluable experiences, undergraduates voiced their visions for the future, and our esteemed leaders imparted wisdom gleaned from their academic endeavors. It truly encapsulated a celebration of learning, personal development, and the collective pursuit of excellence.

We extend our gratitude to all who contributed to making this event a success, and eagerly anticipate many more memorable gatherings in the future!